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Bridgette Jones

The Need-to-know For Booking

Get my attention:

When contacting me, write a small introduction about yourself.  It doesn't need to be anything fancy, but try your best to give me a sense of who you are.  I'll also need to know your desired date, time, length of stay, and location.  Along with two reference names and websites, and your LinkedIn profile (or company profile).  Include all of the above and you'll be hearing from me right away!


By scheduled appointment only with preferred 24-48 hours notice, and available weekends with 72 hours notice, minimum. I offer appointments starting as early as 6am and as late as 11pm, any earlier and later can be accommodated for an extra fee charged per hour.

Staying in:

We can stay in together at my cozy condo located in downtown Toronto.  Bring a bottle of wine or enjoy some of my refreshments on hand.  Vegan chocolates are always an aphrodisiac. ;)


I do not discriminate against age (18+), gender, couples, race, ethnicity, religion, or ability. We are all deserving of intimacy. However, I will discriminate against emails without proper introductions and all the necessary information required.


Make sure to include your hotel stay information in your email.  I'm willing to travel within a ~80 km radius from Toronto, with an additional cost of 50 dollars per 40 kms.

For more adventurous travel, my passport is up-to-date and my suitcase is handy!  Although, I'm not currently traveling due to Covid-19, and I do not travel to the US at any point.


Not currently touring at the moment.

My cancellation policy:

In instances of a last minute cancellation (less than 24 hours notice), I ask for 50% of the donation amount to be paid in full to a non-descript email address.  This covers any costs incurred in preparation of our date and any scheduling changes that were made to accommodate you.

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